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Leader in the heating equipment industry

Sinkoplex has been providing its customers with reliable heating equipment since 1971.

We manufacture and distribute various types of heaters, manufactured with care for the highest quality and durability of the product as well as the ease and safety of its use. Our heating devices achieve excellent parameters due to the use of high-class production materials.

Experience and innovation

We are a multi-generational company, combining respect for tradition with openness to the latest technological solutions. Thanks to proven production methods, our heaters show stable operation, as well as surprising resistance to corrosion and various types of adverse environmental factors. Knowledge and experience allow us to give the highest quality product to the client every time.

We enjoy recognition

Our brand quickly gained the reputation of a reliable partner on the Polish and international market. Our long-term, professional cooperation with clients, based on trust in the quality of our products and services, has been awarded by industry experts with prestigious awards. We are also holders of numerous certificates, including those regarding compliance with stringent standards in the field of product quality and environmental protection. We are proud to have, among others, the following certificates: TÜV CERT, ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14001 and PN-EN 60335-1: 2004.


We believe in the future

The company focuses on dynamic development to meet all the requirements of our numerous clients. It is no wonder that we find more and more buyers of our products abroad. Currently, heaters manufactured by Sinkoplex are exported to Latvia, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Lithuania. Everywhere the Sinkoplex products are used, the brand is associated with reliability.


Why choose us?

We are a multi-generational company, in which respect for a long tradition is combined with openness to the latest technologies.

We have a modern machine park with proprietary solutions that allow fully flexible production.

The combination of high-class materials with proven production methods allows to create products with excellent parameters.

All heaters are manufactured taking into account the specific needs and requirements of the customer, guaranteeing effective performance.

We comply with stringent standards in product quality and environmental protection, which is confirmed by the certificates we obtained.

Thanks to 100% own production, we control the entire product creation process - from the selection of raw materials to transport to the customer.

Sinkoplex. Perfection and trust count.

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