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100% own production. Always an individual approach.

All our heaters are tailor-made. 100% in-house production allows us to do so. We offer our clients a very wide range of products due to the best raw materials and modern technologies. We take into account their needs, proposing best suited solutions.

We specialize in the production and distribution of various types of heaters, which are made with care for the highest quality and durability, stability of work as well as ease and safety of use. Thanks to the ability to meet unusual requirements and a partnership approach to cooperation, we are pleased with the trust of a growing number of European partners. Sinkoplex products can be currently found on the Polish, Latvian, Romanian, Hungarian, Slovak and Lithuanian markets. Everywhere, they are associated with reliability and precision.


Endless possibilities

The individually designed machine park allows flexible production without restrictions on the number of pieces in the order. We can produce even 1 piece! In addition, some machines were created according to our idea, which gives us more room for maneuver in creating orders.


Advanced technology

We create the highest class products. We manufacture Sinkoplex heaters using Oakley-Kanthal technology. We always comply with applicable national and European standards, which we certify with CE marking. We also have an integrated IT system, thanks to which we fully control production processes and record all employee operations in the system.


Production process

All Sinkoplex devices are created in our own production plant using the highest quality raw materials and modern technologies. The individually designed machine park enables flexible production without a quantitative limit, and a dedicated IT system allows full control of all processes.

Dedicated project

We design heating elements according to customer preferences, enabling the implementation of a reliable heating system that is fully adapted to the needs. On request, we create models of 2D and 3D heaters and prepare equipment designs needed for the construction of a specific type of device.



The most important production processes:

Pipe cutting

We cut pipes made of stainless steel in such a way so that they get the right length for the designed heating elements. The pipes serve as the outer sheath of the heater. We always choose the right grade of stainless steel depending on the conditions in which a given heater is to work.

Spiral winding

In order to make a suitable resistance element, we wind a spiral of Kanthal or Nikrothal resistance wire onto a matching mandrel. Thanks to this, the produced element will quickly release heat to the outside of the heater.


To ensure reliable isolation of the spiral from the casing tube, we cover the resistance element in the stainless steel tube with magnesium oxide. We use high quality magnesium oxide, which affects the excellent electrical insulation of the heater with very good thermal conductivity.


The rolling process serves to reduce the outer diameter of the heater. This way magnesium oxide inside the heater thickens, which significantly increases its heating parameters, allowing to achieve the best results.

Heating in furnaces at approx. 1000 ° C

Annealing heating elements in high-temperature furnaces, which can reach a temperature of up to 950°C, softens the casing pipe. This allows to bend the heaters so that they match the previously designed shapes.


Annealed elements are subjected to bending on numeric benders. Thanks to this, we achieve the desired shape of the entire element.


Heaters are soldered into heads or flanges. We use brazes that perfectly combine stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. This affects the perfect tightness of the connection, which allows the heaters to work in tanks with liquids.


We always achieve the most precise connection of components with the heating element. All thanks to reliable Tig welding.


Bonding is used to connect various types of current outputs in heaters. It provides a secure connection of the heater end to the current output element. It's a fast, repeatable and effective process.

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