Opinions of our customers

For Bemars, these heaters are the best. They heat up quickly, maintain heat evenly, and are easy to use and clean. They prove themselves in gastronomy.

Pawel Szypienicki

The heaters work great in ovens. Stable temperature, strong and efficient. Long life, few failures; it’s hard to find any drawbacks. Customers like them, the oven runs like clockwork.

Marek Owczarek

Cartridge heaters – good for heavy-duty work, strong and quick to heat up. Easy to replace, they don’t disappoint. Ideal for heavy industry.

Piotr, Instalator

I used Sinkoplex heaters with inverters. Good temperature control, low power consumption. Solid, durable for working conditions. I recommend them in the industry.

Darek S.

In our saunas, Sinkoplex heaters do the job. Strong, quick to heat up, and provide even warmth. Satisfied customers, and I am too. Durable and reliable.

Paweł G.

We purchased heaters for PV systems. Good performance, maintains temperature steadily. Easy installation, solid construction. I recommend them for photovoltaic installations.

Artur Piszczak

Good heaters, very efficient. The best for photovoltaics. A large order arrived quickly, excellent contact with customer service, professionals willing to help.

Bartosz Nowak

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Sinkoplex – Your Heater Manufacturer for Business

At Sinkoplex, we understand the challenges faced by B2B enterprises. As an experienced heater manufacturer, we recognize the importance of reliability and efficiency in every aspect of production. Our heaters are designed to meet the needs of businesses, offering the durability, efficiency, and precision essential in the industrial world.

Our heaters find applications in various industries, from photovoltaics to gastronomy. Made from high-quality materials, they guarantee long-lasting operation and stability. With our products, your machinery will operate more smoothly, and production processes will become more efficient.


At Sinkoplex, we prioritize innovation and continuous development. Our B2B heaters are the result of years of research and experience, allowing us to deliver products that not only meet but often exceed the expectations of our clients.

We invite you to collaborate! By choosing Sinkoplex, you are not just choosing heaters but a business partner who understands your needs and supports the development of your enterprise. Our team of specialists is ready to help you select the perfect solutions for your business and address any inquiries.

Sinkoplex – reliability, innovation, quality. Your partner in the world of B2B heaters.